About Us

Located in the heart of the city, the Delhi High Court. We at Seth and Company, constantly monitor regulatory trends affecting legal and business professionals, as well as the government. Our strategic location allows us to always keep a tab on the latest developments in the market, and act quickly to provide authoritative compliance insights to our customers.

We are the main distributors for All India Reporter Pvt Ltd. as well as all major foreign publications, making us a “One-Stop-Shop” for all types of law publications. We also deal in exporting of a variety of Legal Publications.

Seth & Company is a full-service publishing, marketing, and information services company, with extensive experience in the legal arena. We have gathered experts in corporate law, estate law, family law, employment law, securities law and limited liability company law – to name a few - to produce an outstanding line of legal books and manuals.
To accomplish this, we do this via a growing line of books, loose-leafs and other legal publications. These insights are provided by our ever-growing network of authors, all of whom are recognized leaders in their fields. Our in-house team of accomplished editorial experts works with them to bring the very best in analysis and compliance tools to our clients’ table.

Visit us today and experience a whole new way of sourcing insightful national and foreign Legal Publications – Only at Seth & Company!

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